Saturday, June 27, 2009

Charlie's Angels Jaclyn and Kate

Jaclyn Smith, like Kate Jackson, is a cancer survivor. Jaclyn is still going strong in her 60's, creating her life, career, and business ventures. And she looks phenomenal. Here's a link to a 2008 very inspirational article about her in Great Health Magazine.

And let me give props to one of Kate Jackson's performances that I have always loved so much. Kate was brilliant in the 1982 movie, "Making Love", in which she played the loving wife of a man who discovers later in life that he is gay. Kate should have gotten Best Actress nominations several times over for her emotionally layered portrayal. She carried the emotional weight of this movie the most, in my opinion. Her husband was played by Michael Ontkean, her co-star in the 1970's TV show, "The Rookies". Their on-screen chemistry was so great. I felt as if I were watching the lives of real people, and I still do every time I watch it.

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